Easy to Implement Revenue Streams for Practitioners with Limited Time

The current economy requires that individuals seek out alternative sources of income. Medical practitioners were among some of the highest paid professionals a while back, and though the field still earns a great deal of money, the current economical standard is such that even doctors and physicians are seeking out alternative streams of revenue.

For a doctor, earning an extra amount of money requires that you put in a lot more effort and time than most people realize. Another revenue stream that demands you to put in a lot of time and effort will put a strain on your job as a practitioner and limit your effectiveness. So most practitioners choose to opt out and struggle with their salaries which in most cases, after loan deductions and expenditure, is barely enough to survive on. However, there are alternatives that don't involve straining your normal work hours and affecting your ethical commitment to your clients. Some of the best revenue streams for practitioners with limited time include:


Currently, one of the highest trending topics according to search engine statistics, is health and wellness. With the growth of the internet and its extreme ease of access, internet sites such as Google and WebMD are usually the first stop for anyone who thinks they may have a medical condition. What most of the people don't know is that the information supplied to medical blogs and websites comes from trained practitioners. Writing for these blogs and websites, or even for your own blog and/or website, is one of the easiest and best ways to earn a little extra money. Similarly, the writing of medical books and ebooks or for medical journals and handbooks which are then sold either online or offline, is yet another revenue stream for practitioners. The best part is its flexibility in that it does not eat into your normal working hours and you can do it at your own convenience.

Motivational and educational speaking

Often times when there are private and even public sector conferences or health fairs, there are sessions where practitioners speak to the audience. It could either be to motivate the audience or to educate the audience. A practitioner can make an extra amount of money by attending these events as a speaker. The best part of this is that these events are usually arranged in such a way that they do not interfere with the practitioner's schedule.

Retail sales for products and services

A lot of doctors are earning money through this revenue stream. Basically, the doctor provides healthcare products such as supplements, to individuals that require them. The advantage of this to a practitioner with a tight schedule is that you do not have to run the store (physical or online) yourself. You could hire someone with a background in nutrition to run the store for you, or one of your existing staff can handle it. Most of your patients are likely already buying supplements online or at places like Walmart or CVS. The quality of the supplement brands at these types of places is generally poor, so it makes sense for you to create a private label brand of your own that you know and trust.
Medical examinations for private companies

Companies, such as insurance firms, require a medical examiner from time to time. If you sign a contract with such companies, you get to do their medical examinations for them. For instance, if someone applies for medical insurance, the insurance firm has to conduct its own examination to determine the health of the individual. Practitioners are usually the ones contracted to do such work. The convenience is that the individual is referred to you so it is a lot like doing your normal day job, in your normal work hours but for extra money.


As a medical practitioner, working for long hours a day limits your reach when it comes to earning extra money. However, adding these additional revenue streams allows you to earn the extra cash without compromising your regular job.