Keep Them Coming Back To Your Doctor's Office

Phase Two

  1. Come up with VISUAL ways to show patients their improvement.Conventional and Alternative Labs: Applied Kinesiology, Meridian/Voll/EAV (I am looking into inexpensive ways to do this), Live Blood Analysis, Urinalysis, In-house labs that you do at each visit such as pH, Glucose, Biological Terrain Assessment, Body Fat, Nutritional Physicals.

    In office tests are great. Give them a VISUAL reason to come back. It shows them how what you have given them has helped. Do in-house testing whenever possible and charge small amounts for it.  Make something off cash labs (such as Doctors Choice) if you are comfortable with this. Patients love tests.  Many times they trust tests more than their own symptoms.

  1. ALWAYS schedule a follow-up visit! No matter what.
    Always have a reason for them to come back.
  2. Prescribe maintenance products or replace whatever they were taking previously once they run out with higher quality products. If they were taking Vitamin C, I give them our Bio C with tons of flavonoids and antioxidants. If they were taking a multi, I give them our multi with methylfolate. If they were taking a non-stabilized probiotic, I give them our stabilized formula.

Phase Three

  1. Come up with in office therapies:
    Auricular Therapy (using seeds or needles)
    Oxygen Therapy
    Sauna Therapy
    Acupuncture Therapy
    Group Acupuncture
    Group Detox


    Use therapies you can train your staff to do.  Use therapies that can be done on 3-4 patients or more in an hour. For some therapies, you may be able to bill insurance (not for the therapy which usually isn’t covered), but for the short visit.  Have your staff prep the patient so you don’t need to spend time doing that.  If they ask about their condition just say, "I haven’t reviewed your chart, but let’s schedule a time and we can discuss that."  Then tell your staff when you check them out to do so.

    If you are working alone, have cheat sheets with check boxes that will prompt and remind you what to do.  Have a good answering service that will use your clinics name when answering the phone and that can schedule appointments for you.  Use more handouts to explain things (that your staff normally would do), keep things simple.  There was one point when I had two offices and only staff in one, where we would ship all products to patients the next day, since I didn’t stock product at the satellite office.

  1. Ask them at EVERY visit what they are taking and how much. I print out their treatment plan from the previous visit and go over it with them and ask them exactly how much and what they are taking. Then you can reinforce how important this is if they have not been compliant, congratulate them if they have been, or figure out the issues if there are any.

Phase Four

Free Marketing

Facebook: Start discussions, write a little about a topic and boost the post.

Google and Yelp: Use google plus. Again, copy the articles from Facebook and post them.  Get reviews on both.  Just ask for them.  Most won’t but some will.

WHY?  Because people who use phones (know anyone who doesn’t?) find reviews on them for everything.  Either via google or yelp.

Network with other doctors especially MDs and Chiropractors who have high volumes of patients. Teach them about how you can help their patients. Come up with a written article about yourself with bullets giving them what kinds of conditions you have expertise in.  Keep it to only a few conditions, you don’t want to appear to be a know-it-all or a jack of all trades.  Pick a specialty or two and market those.

Get up to 25-35 new patients a month

Keep them coming back.  Give them a reason to come back at every visit.  Example: I want to see you in 3 Weeks to:  Rerun labs, test for parasites, check your urine for infection, do a physical, run nutritional testing, check your thyroid function, do a BIA, do a tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis.     Make a list of possible reasons and consult it frequently.

Tell them exactly why they need to come back and what you will do the next visit so they know.

Prep your charts before they come in.  Decide on WHY you will need to see them again, or make a list of possible “Whys” so that when they are in in front of you, you don’t stumble.

Market Product

Product/supplements are your bread and butter.  They are repeat sales that all your patients need and should be taking.   If you can convince them that what you are giving them is better than what they get at Costco or online (and it is) and you can encourage them to stay on what you recommend, you will have a. Healthier and Happier patients, b. You will establish a residual income and have income even if you aren’t working, and c. They will refer their friends and family to buy from you as well, even if they are not patients.

Just make sure they know that this is ok.  I have many patients think that only active patients can buy product.

Does this work?

It certainly does!

But I think the real question YOU have is, will it work for me!

The doctors I have shared this with have noticed growth in:

  1. New patients
  2. Return patients
  3. Patient retention
  4. Supplement sales volume
  5. Retention of patient supplement sales volume
  6. Growth of non patient sales
  7. More passive income.
  8. More income with less hours of work.

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