Why Am I Doing This?

When I was President of my state association, I was dismayed by the fact that MOST of the doctors said they just could not afford to contribute to the association.  And of the ones that paid their dues, MOST could not afford any extra donations to help with the legislative effort (that they all agreed was a good thing).  When I asked for volunteers to help, I had to beg, plead and coerce because everyone pretty much said they just didn't have the time.

Because of this experience, I have come to the conclusion that this profession by and large is both broke (financially) and time strapped. From what I saw happen in Hartford, I believe a broke profession is a weak profession.   A profession that allows practitioners to make enough to pay their bills without working six days a week and have some time to rest and take care of ourselves is a strong profession.

And I think the reason our profession is weak is because we neither have time nor money.   This is why MDs will take a day off to go to Hartford, or to meet with their legislators, or to take a nice vacation and recharge.  They have the money to do so.  They work a lot of hours but they get compensated.  We work the hours but we don't make the pay.  We are worth so much more.  We work miracles in people’s lives.  We change them forever.  We need to realize the value of these things.

My goal is to teach you and help you accomplish these things, if this is what you want.  My goal is to help you do it in whatever way works for you.  Some may do it the way I do, some may find a different way but get some ideas from my ways.  Either way, it's about sharing information and helping each other.

On the topic of work.  I've had a few docs tell me, they love what they do (and so do I) and they don’t mind working 6 days a week. While I can see their point, I think we all need a change in pace and scenery once in a while.  We can all burn out no matter how much we love something. We all need Time to Rest and Recharge.

And that is what this is about. Helping you to know what you have to do to accomplish this.

So, what are your goals?

Do you want to be able to:

  1. Pay your bills by the 20th of the month rather than by the last day?
  2. Earn enough that you don't have to work a second job?
  3. Earn enough that your partner can quit a job they don't like?
  4. Earn enough that you can have some money to invest in your business without taking out more loans?
  5. Be debt free!

You CAN accomplish these goals easily in 1-3 years!

What This Isn’t:

For all of you that feel the way I do, THIS IS NOT ABOUT NETWORK OR MLM MARKETING or any such program! It is also not a get rich quick scheme.  This takes time, but with a small time investment (and really no $ investment), and by making a few changes in how you do things, you can accomplish great things.

This model is simply about learning a way for everyone to benefit.  It is a win-win scenario. Patients benefit and you benefit. What's not to love about that!

Patients get better service, better care, more of your focus and attention and great service and products at fair prices. You get more time, more patients to help, the ability to pay your bills and accomplish some of your goals. You will be able to help more patients with less frustration and have them in return be so grateful they will write you reviews and give you referrals.

It’s a positive cycle where everyone wins.  Everyone is happy. Everyone benefits.